Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall in Love with Teaching Blog Hop

These past couple of weeks have been a blur!! I told myself that I would change things up so that I could  become a better educator for my students, my campus and of course myself.  So today I'm sharing some little things that have helped me love teaching even more.

Let's start with my classroom.  This year I have incorporated white board desks instead of my old brown ones.  They were so easy to prep and install.  All you need is whiteboard planks from Home Depot, Velcro, and colorful duct tape for the borders and your done!  (check to see if your Home Depot will donate the boards)  My students love using them and I save a ton of copies by not using so much paper.

Take your lesson outdoors!  We have an outdoor learning environment on my campus (garden) and I love using it for writing, math and of course science lessons.  The students love just being able to move around and explore.

Here my students are calculating the perimeter of the outside of the plant box.  (excuse our poor little plants)

Cooperative Learning is the key to less stress if you do it correctly.  Here my students work together to come up with words that follow the rule written on each table group.  Here my students from the blue table are trying to come up with more words that have the r controlled vowel.

Students love working together and I love hearing my kiddos teach each other using their own language.

Keep it organized!!!  I've added a few things to help keep my class organized and in order this year.  Here's a look at my tables which are grouped by color and some crate seats that are used for reading spots and storage.

Here's my life saver!!!  My guided math board.  I also created a literacy station board to match but forgot to take a picture.  This little board saves me from hearing "I forgot where I go Mrs, S" 20 times in row.  Now my classroom is student driven vs. teacher driven.

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Well I'm off to read some great tips from the teachers of the Third Grade Tribe.  Make sure to click the click here button to hear some great tips from the Teacher Treasure Hunter!

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