Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm such a bad blogger but I have a goodie!

Wow guys I have been running crazy this year in 2nd grade and the Thanksgiving break couldn't have come at a better time! I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did. While relaxing I decided to do a litte pinterest stalking and found some projects I had to try for the Christmas holiday.

Here one of my wreaths I made after stalking pinterest it is now hanging proudly in my dinning room.

But this baby here is my pride and joy! Love it!

Enough of my wreaths the real reason for my post is to share something I made at a math training today that will help my kids tremendously with place value. I don't know about you guys but we've been adding and subtracting double digits using partial sums, leveling, compensation, and aggregation (CRAZY RIGHT!) not to mention regrouping while subtracting. So while pulling small groups I've noticed that some students are still not understanding the digits and the place value they hold so when we made these today I knew I was posting them tonight. If you already are familiar with the place value cups then I apologize for talking your head off.

To make them you will need a cup for each value your class or grade is representing. For example in second we go up to 999 so I need 3 FOAM CUPS one for the ones place, tens and hundreds. From there you will need 3 sharpies don't use regualr markers because they will smear. 
Make sure you position the opening of the cups in your left hand so you read the numbers from left to right. Next take the first cup and write the numbers 0 - 9 along the rim of the cup (see picture). After you finish grab your second cup and write 10 in the inside of the cup and number the rim like the first cup 0-9 this time after each number you will place a 0 on the part of the cup below the rim and the + sign after it. Place this cup inside the ones cup. Do the same for the hundreds except put 00 below the rim of the cup next to the number and the + sign after it. When your done put the hundreds cup inside the tens. Now your kids can make different numbers and show the expanded form for that number. I plan to make a this a center with number cards up to 999 in written form , expanded and pictorial. One student will read the card while the other student makes the number using the cups.

Sorry for the light ink I only had pens. Hope you guys can use these!

13 days and counting:)