Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been while but I have pics!

Oh my it's been forever since my last post! I finally have enough energy to actually post something tonight versus just browsing here and there. First let me start by saying I don't remember being this worn out the 2nd week of school but my 19 little bits have ran me silly. Here's a couple of pics of my room this year I took before open house.

Here are my lovely clocks created by Mrs. Lemons and the clock pieces I made from post its notes.  I've added labels to them since the pic was taken.  Below that you have my reading strategy board with some pirate strategy posters I made on it.

Next pic is of my Pirate sailboat Word Wall.  I hate the double border but the lady cut it short at Joanne's so I had to think of something quick! 

Sorry for the picture being silly but here's a picture of my library and reading chairs.  I plan to have ribbon with students name hanging below to track how many books they have read over the year in class.  -idea borrowed from Ms. Lemons

Here's a look at my students book baskets and below are my math centers and manipulatives.

Computers and writing board

Math board inspiration from Mrs. Lemons again.  I put vocabulary for the unit in the pocket chart.

Here's where I place my spelling words and WW words for the week along with the poem that we are covering. The blue crates are actually used to hold my listening center an idea I found on pinterest.

Mrs. Shepherd's Treasures!  My brag board  which was taken during open house which explains the supplies.

I apologize for the mess but this was taken a few days before school while I was working on some projects.

I plan on taking updated pictures just as soon as I gain some more energy!  Come on 3 day weekend!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

and the Winner is.......

comment number 117!!!!! Congrats Ms. Jasztal you have 24 hours to contact me so I can send you your Bath and Body gift card!!!

Ms.Jasztal said...
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:) Thanks!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Giveaway ending soon!

So today was our last day to go in whenever to fix our rooms and I've done everything except finish up my library.  Next week we report back for convocation and trainings, lesson plan meetings etc. which will only give us minutes in our room at a time until our Open House on Thursday.  I'm so grateful for my aunt for watching my 2 year old this week I just know I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did if she was in there with me!  Dinner's on the stove and this girl is tired!  So I will talk to you all later. I will post before and after pics Monday.

Remember the last day to enter to win the Bath and Body gift card is Saturday night!!!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

100's chart activity

First let me say thank you to all of you who sent me well wishes I truly appreciated them!

Ok so last week I went to a math training geared towards incorporating algebra into elementary math. I know yall are probally like what in the world but this training was AMAZING! So I thought I would share two of her acivities she showed us using a 100's chart.

The first activity is the 100's chart puzzle. You take a 100's chart and cut it along the boxes to make puzzle pieces. Students are to pick one piece of the puzzle and place it where they think it should go explaining to their partner why it should go there using math vocabulary and language. I loved this activity because it incorporated purposeful talk within their group.

When students are finished making their puzzle they can then play 100's chart tic tac toe. Instead of the kids using X's and O's they use numbers from the 100's chart. For example if the first person places a 6 in the top left corner of the tic tac toe board then the other player can only place a number on the board that is related to the 6 according to it's position on the 100's chart. Ex. player 2 can place a 7 next to the six or a 16 directly underneath the 6 or a 26 on the last row below the 6. I hope that makes sense. FYI students need to use 2 colors so they'll know which number they wrote. The board should look exactly how it would look if you cut it out and placed it on the number chart on those numbers.

Hope this was helpful.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Me and My Gang link

Sorry for the super long post yesterday I typed it while I was waiting to get seen at the doctors office last night on my phone. Some of you have said you couldn't find Me and My gang so I have provided you guys with link . As for my migraines the doctor told me he thinks my eyes are the problem and requested that I limit my computer use until I get my eyes retested. Yea right! Obviously he doesn't know how addicted I am to my blog and Pinterest. So that's all for now enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Giveaway update and exciting News

So I've been MIA for a minute and want to catch yall up on somethings. First I've been having migraines for 4 days straight and today I decided to see what's going on with me before I report back to school, as of right now I haven't had any news! I'm seriously thinking this Texas heat has beat me and can't wait until we have a day under 100!

Now to some great news!!! I'm going to be an author for Me and My Gang! I'm super excited about being a part of this 2nd grade blog because there's not alot of us out there. For anyone not teaching 2nd the blog will provide you with ideas and content that you guys can modify for your grade level so come check us out!

Now for some giveaway news. So right now I'm giving a $20.00 giftcard to Bath and Body Works for reaching 200 followers. Since I'm so excited about Me an My Gang I am giving away 2 extra entries!!! All you have to do is:
1. follow Me and My Gang - leave a comment on the original giveaway post on my site!
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Please make sure you add you extra entries to the original giveaway post on my site.

Good Luck