Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Sonya here with my Summer Bucket List!  I'm so excited about my summer break I can't stand it!  I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it but my husband is currently deployed right now and I will have to entertain both kids by my lonesome this summer :( So this summer is strictly dedicated to kids with a little DIY rolled in.

1.  I plan to take my kids to visit these babies here at Sea World!  My daughter has no idea so I can't wait to surprise her in 2 weeks!

2.  I know you guys have probably seen this pin on pinterest from .  I follow her blog and she has some great ideas for summer reading and some awesome recipes.  Any who I plan to follow this schedule with the kids. 
Our first Make Something Monday Project will be this hopscotch paver game I pined a while back from  My daughter loves the colors and it will be a great addition to our backyard.  

3.  I've been pinning tons of DIY projects for the house and have been waiting for that final bell of school to get started.  The first project that I want to tackle is this tile mirror I found on

4. Finally when all of the field trips and diy projects are done I plan on tackling these babies for my 40+ kids next year.

  I will be teaching 2nd grade Dual Language with my partner in crime Mrs. Ganillo next year.  She will focus on Science,SS and Reading and I will teach Math, Writing and Reading. So I have to get my interactive math journals in order for my students to have for the first week of school.

9 days left !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spark Student Motivation

I'm linking up with Head Over heals for teaching to show how I am sparking up my students motivation these last couple of day of school.  First let me say that if it weren't for this baby here I don't know what I 
 would do with my little ones because they were bouncing off the walls once we entered May. Then I created this magical chain of incentives for great behavior and voila!  Behavior issues fixed because they don't want to miss out on the surprise inside the link.  If your interested in this chain or making them into balloons to pop you can grab my Countdown to Summer Behavior Incentive Pack which is located on my TPT store.

Friday, May 17, 2013

It's Done! My Interactive Math Journal Is Done!

Hi guys I'm so excited to say that I finally finished my journal!  I had tons of you guys send me personal emails about making my journal ideas into a unit and so I did.  If your interested in how I create my math journals head on over to my TPT store and grab a copy.  Here's a preview.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tornadoes, capacity, and 16 days left of school!!!

Let me start this post by stating that we've been taking cover in the closet for the past 30 minutes due to tornadoes in our area that won't seem to die down. It's crazy how scary things occur when the hubs is out of town!  I will say that my daughter who is 4 handled it like a champ once she had her unicorn pillow pet with her.  I did have a moment while the sirens were going off and the wind was howling where I thought about how prepared I am in class during drills but how frantic I was at home.  I will definitely be working on having a plan in place next time.

Anyway today we were continuing our study of capacity by identifying appropriate tools to measure the capacity of certain objects.  I had different capacity stations set up for students to identify whether or not a certain tool was appropriate to measure the capacity of a selected object.  My students got to use rice to measure the capacity of the objects.  They were really excited when they came in and saw all of the stations.
 Here they are using a baby food jar to measure the capacity of the cylinder.  Notice the other two tools in blue, after they tested each tool they had to decide as a group which tool was the best tool to test the capacity and explain why in their math journals.

After we cleaned up all of the rice we learned about the Gallon Man and students had the opportunity to create one with a buddy.

After a long day with my 2nd graders they were pleased and excited to see that they earned a treat for their behavior.  So the quietest student had the honor of removing the 17th  chain off our countdown links revealing that we will have a popsicle day tomorrow!  Which is ok with me since it's FIELD DAY!!!!  
The warning has been lifted so off I go!  

16 days and counting!!!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Hi guys! Sonya here and I'm linking up with
with my May Currently!  
make sure you guys head on over and link up to join the fun!

All of the kids are asleep and I have music videos playing in the living room while I'm typing and dancing away.

Loving Zumba , Zumba, Zumba!  I can't rave enough about this but I was one of those that would never go in just because I could just imagine how crazy I looked to everybody.  As a teacher you know you have to find something that allows you to unplug yourself for a while especially in the last months of the school year. I can't tell you how relaxing it is just to get on the dance floor and get loose.  LOVE ME ZUMBA!

Seriously if you follow me on pinterest you will see that I have tons of DIY projects I want to attempt this summer.  My plan is to try and do some kind of project every week.  

The wanting part of my currently is geared towards my husband.  I am so into gadgets it's unreal and I've just found the Nike ID bracelet and have to have it!  This baby tracks your activity, heart rate, calories etc. and gives you a screen shot of your day every time you hook it to your computer.  

I so need some  running shoes.  (neon) please

Summer to do list consist of a vacation with family anywhere just away from here.  DIYing so plenty of trips to Hobby Lobby and flee markets.  Getting fit so far I've lost around 12 pounds and would like to go back to school in the fall around 30 pounds lighter. MOTIVATION!!! Of course some ME TIME!!!

I guess that's enough babbling for tonight if your on INSTAGRAM you can follow me at mysecondgradejournal