Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tornadoes, capacity, and 16 days left of school!!!

Let me start this post by stating that we've been taking cover in the closet for the past 30 minutes due to tornadoes in our area that won't seem to die down. It's crazy how scary things occur when the hubs is out of town!  I will say that my daughter who is 4 handled it like a champ once she had her unicorn pillow pet with her.  I did have a moment while the sirens were going off and the wind was howling where I thought about how prepared I am in class during drills but how frantic I was at home.  I will definitely be working on having a plan in place next time.

Anyway today we were continuing our study of capacity by identifying appropriate tools to measure the capacity of certain objects.  I had different capacity stations set up for students to identify whether or not a certain tool was appropriate to measure the capacity of a selected object.  My students got to use rice to measure the capacity of the objects.  They were really excited when they came in and saw all of the stations.
 Here they are using a baby food jar to measure the capacity of the cylinder.  Notice the other two tools in blue, after they tested each tool they had to decide as a group which tool was the best tool to test the capacity and explain why in their math journals.

After we cleaned up all of the rice we learned about the Gallon Man and students had the opportunity to create one with a buddy.

After a long day with my 2nd graders they were pleased and excited to see that they earned a treat for their behavior.  So the quietest student had the honor of removing the 17th  chain off our countdown links revealing that we will have a popsicle day tomorrow!  Which is ok with me since it's FIELD DAY!!!!  
The warning has been lifted so off I go!  

16 days and counting!!!!


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  1. I hope you stay safe! Torando's in the mid-west are making the news in Australia!

    Good luck!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning