Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pirate Class Behavior

It's super late and I can't sleep so of course I've been spending my time blogging and pinning on pinterest when I came across Mrs. Larremore's Chalktalk Kindergarten blog.  Her blog is one of many that I stalk religiously just because she has so many resources and contacts to offer you daily and the fact that were in the same district.  So she's a celebrity to me.  Anyway I was reading her post about meeting Mrs. Jump and one of the things she was gonna implement in her room this year was a classroom manegment system using boats. If the students were disruptive their boat would get pulled.  Any way it was super cute and I couldn't find it on Jumps blog so I created my own.  It's basically like the brownie points I keep seeing on pinterest with the pan instead mine is a boat tha can sink because of bad behavior.  If your intersted I've attached a copy below.

Mrs. Shepherd

Don't sink the ship!

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