Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to school bargains

After a day of bargain hunting at Target, JoAnnes, Hobby Lobby I wanted to show you guys some of my finds. 

Target- So I've previously posted about finding book bins in the dollar section at Target but not having enough for a class set.  Well after a week of trying to hunt them down at every Target I finally found them and have enough for my entire class!  Wooo hooo! 
Here are all 22 of them.  I think I might go back and buy 5 for me for each day of the week.
I also saw a post from another blogger about making pointers and highlighters from items found in the Target sections and decided to make my own.  So here are my pointers and highlighters.  If this was your idea thank you!

 I got the erasers and pencils each for a dollar.  I made 12 of them for 3 dollars.  The cute bin came from Hobby Lobby for 1.00.
The highlighters were made using dividers hot glued to large popsicle sticks.  Project total $2.00!

Jo Anne's is having a huge 4th of July sale on their fabric some for .99 cents so I bought 2 yards of each color and my total came to $20.00 not bad.

I also bought this paper lantern for 45 cents.  Since I'm doing a beach theme in my class I was going to hang the paper lantern in my reading center to mimic the sun and have an inflatable pool for my students to read in.
Then I found these gems for my students behavior clips when they show outstanding behavior.  They were 75% off and since they give teachers an extra 15% off I got them for 1.00 for the two sets.

To end my trip I went to Hobby Lobby to look for a picture for my dinning room and found these foam square for 50% off .  Last year my behavior chart kept falling because I made it out of construction paper so I thought I could make my behavior chart using them and here is the finished product.
It looks really long because I hung it pretty high on my back door but I think it will work.  The total for the foam squares came to $3.00 and I still have 15 sheets left over.  Well I hope this helps you guys save a little money. 

Mrs. Shepherd


  1. I am so jealous of everyone getting those deals at Target. The 2 Targets in my area have no teacher things out yet. AHHHHH! I wish they would get with the program.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. That's crazy they don't have naything out yet I would think all the Targets in DFW would have them now.

  3. great finds!! I use foam squares for quiet mats in math centers. If I want them to have the choice for sorting or making part part whole, I draw that on 1 side of the mat.

    Primary Connections

  4. Here's a suggestion (because I have learned the hard way!!)... when you go back to buy your M-F boxes, buy a few extras. You never know when you will get new students, someone will damage a box,etc... and then you'll have enough boxes for future years (when you can no longer find that great bargain--or matching boxes!!).
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  5. Your highlighter sticks turned out great! I'm obsessed with Target...I've been everyday since Monday...hahha! But after going to Lakeshore and seeing how expensive everything is, I just had to buy it at Target {even though I didn't need it!}

    Miss Kindergarten

  6. I am a new glad I found you! I haven't been to Target in a few days ...I guess I will be going tomorrow for those bins! Check out my blog & follow me for some great freebies.
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go