Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Summer To-Do List

So after blogging all night long I've decided to write out my summer to-do list even though so of my collegues are screaming rest my mind won't let me.  I don't know about some of you but since I'm teaching a different grade this year and working with a new team I feel that I have to start early with my plans just because.  Well anyway here is my to-do list for summer.

1.  Do everything I can to make sure my 2 year daughter is enjoying her summer home with mommy.  So far I've enrolled her in ballet, we have read alouds at the library, and trips to the water park all of which she loves doing so far.  Her summer will end with a trip to Sea World in July right before mommy has to go back to work. :(

2.  Complete my GT hours so far I have completed 2 of the 5 classes. At least the presenter is from out of district and is really funny so it's not that bad. 

3.  Finish Painting my bathroom that I started on.  After painting half I realized I don't like painting that much.  Oh well have to finish right!

4.  I know this is nerdy but it's me, all the ideas and templates I've found I have to complete one to show to my team.  I find that since I'm a visual learner I have to see and do to make sure it works for my kids.  So far I've made my poetry journal, math journal which I'm super excited about after seeing Mrs. Sauds example on primarygraffiti.blogspot.com., and my reading response journal.

5.  Pick a theme so Can go bargain shop for materials.  Right now I'm torn between a sport theme and oceans theme.  Last year I did bees and I'm bee'ed out.  If you head over to clutterfreeclassroom she has tons of pictures and theme templates you can buy on her tpt store.

6.  Come up with a brand new layout in my room.  Last year I changed my room a couple of times before I got it perfect and since I moving to a new room I want to get that out the way so my transition is as easy as possible. My new room has lots of boards to cover so choosing what to display on those boards is going to be tricky as well.  So far I know
Board 1 = word wall
Board 2: calendar math
Board 3:  work display board
Board 4: Reading strategies
Board 5:  Guided Reading Groups
Board 6:  Writing Board
Board 7:  Focus Wall ( after seeing this on clutterfreeclassroom under her frog theme I decided I have to incorporate this is my room this year!) Ieven want one for math as well

7.  Buy DJ inkers clip art cd and learn how to create math centers and units.  I've done some but they aren't worthy of being posted just yet.

8.  Work on my reading baskets!  have tons of bookshelves in my room now so I'm focused on printing labels, laminating and organizing books.  I also have to update my library so Halfprice books here I come!  I've already torn thru scholastic and got some great book for shared reading.

9.  Complete my book study my principal assigned us and do some more of my own.  This summer we are to read Revisiting the Readers Workshop and Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller.  I want to read Math Workstations and some other math books since I plan mah for my team.

10.  Finally I've been on a weight loss kick since school has ended working out in between taking my daughter to her events, entertaining my husband, and of course blogging.  Well it has paid off and I am down 9lbs.  Woohooo I'm superexcited that I decided to something that I wanted to do forever which is learn how to SWIM!  I know how sad I 28 and can't swim, well that's changing.  So maybe at the end of this month I can write that I know how to swim right now I'm the best floater you'll see. 1ol

Mrs. Shepherd 


  1. you should check out http://teachfactory.com/ and then click on the "theme machine." she has super adorable ideas for themes!!

    ps, welcome to second grade! i'm going to be teaching second grade for the first time next year!

  2. Good luck on your to do list!

  3. Thanks ladies! Miss Dennis thanks for the link I wiil definately check it out.