Monday, June 20, 2011

Help! Classroom Website Setup

Well I've been thinking long and hard and have decided that I want to create a class website. My website will be used to inform parents of things going on at school and what their students are doing in the classroom. I'm also thinking that I can use my website for computer lab time, I would post appropriate websites for my students to use so I won't have to worry about logging them in. If you know about setting one up I would love to hear from you!


  1. Hi there :)
    I use Teacher Web, it's relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It's the best thing I ever did!
    Feel free to check mine out: It needs some updating of course, but feel free to check it out for some ideas :)

  2. Forgot to add - on my links page I add links to things I want the kids to be able to access quickly, so that might work for you in the lab. When we do a webquest or research something, I'll add direct links so I know they're going to a place that will help without being inappropriate for their age/level etc.

  3. I use Schoolworld. It's very user friendly and costs about $25/year. Also, if you refer others, you get a free month for each person that signs up. I use mine to let the parents know what we are studying each week and upcoming events. I've also used the links page to put links for the kids to use. Here's my site:

    I've also seen some people use Shutterfly to make a class webpage. The advantage to Shutterfly is that it is free and fairly easy to use (although not as cute).

  4. Alot of people use a blog as a class website, you could sign up for another gmail account that is JUST school and set it up that way! I use, then a global bookmark for the class to click on while in lab.