Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been while but I have pics!

Oh my it's been forever since my last post! I finally have enough energy to actually post something tonight versus just browsing here and there. First let me start by saying I don't remember being this worn out the 2nd week of school but my 19 little bits have ran me silly. Here's a couple of pics of my room this year I took before open house.

Here are my lovely clocks created by Mrs. Lemons and the clock pieces I made from post its notes.  I've added labels to them since the pic was taken.  Below that you have my reading strategy board with some pirate strategy posters I made on it.

Next pic is of my Pirate sailboat Word Wall.  I hate the double border but the lady cut it short at Joanne's so I had to think of something quick! 

Sorry for the picture being silly but here's a picture of my library and reading chairs.  I plan to have ribbon with students name hanging below to track how many books they have read over the year in class.  -idea borrowed from Ms. Lemons

Here's a look at my students book baskets and below are my math centers and manipulatives.

Computers and writing board

Math board inspiration from Mrs. Lemons again.  I put vocabulary for the unit in the pocket chart.

Here's where I place my spelling words and WW words for the week along with the poem that we are covering. The blue crates are actually used to hold my listening center an idea I found on pinterest.

Mrs. Shepherd's Treasures!  My brag board  which was taken during open house which explains the supplies.

I apologize for the mess but this was taken a few days before school while I was working on some projects.

I plan on taking updated pictures just as soon as I gain some more energy!  Come on 3 day weekend!!!!!!


  1. Turned out wonderful! And I LOVE the double border!! It looks really good!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. I have some Mrs. Lemons' creations going on in my classroom too :) I love the buckets you have for your math tubs!

  3. Looks good. Are you in the classroom right by the cafeteria?

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  6. Where did you purchase your pirate themed items for your room decor? So cute!

  7. Those are actually wall stickers I found at Michael's for like 3 bucks this summer. I laminated them and stapled them to the wall. So much cheaper than buying a class decor set from teacher store.